Crown Seven Electronic Cigarette Review

Crown Seven Electronic Cigarette HYDROCrown 7 e cigs has been offering top quality electronic cigarettes since 2007, and they have traveled to nearly a dozen e cig factories across the world to find the best e cig battery to build their respected Hydro Imperial e cig with. They focus on both quality and customer satisfaction and have a solid product worth reviewing.

Crown Seven has refused to take shortcuts and excelled where others fall short, generally with higher quality products and uniquely flavored e liquid. They offer a product that provides both satisfaction and quality. While Crown Sevens is not the cheapest e cig out there, they do offer a higher quality electronic cigarette while staying competitive and without being overpriced.

The vapor from the Hydro Imperial has a thick and slightly sweet vapor but is not too sweet and still has an exceptionally satisfying tobacco flavor with a hint of honey. The flavor remains on the taste buds without leaving a weird aftertaste, and the e liquid provides a pleasant sensation deep in the throat and a realistic vapor cloud for a truly fulfilling experience. Crown 7 undoubtedly has one of the better tasting e liquids that I have tasted in a basic rechargeable e cig.

While many of the e-cigarettes today have an airy draw and lack a realistic feeling in the lungs, this is not the case with the Crown 7’s Hydro Imperial. With the Hydro, there is no need to take several drags in rapid succession to provide an enjoyable hit as many e cigs require. A single, long slow draw is satisfying to almost any user, even those who have been smoking heavily for many years.

The company’s flagship starter kit, the LXE Kit, comes with the famous Hydro Imperial e cig. This e cig starter kit is impressive and is full of all the goodies you will need to vape for weeks or months, all included in a tightly packed box. This nicely packaged starter kit is a convenient way to get the full experience of what Crown Sevens offers and it also provides a handy storage case to save all your cartridges and charges together in one place.

LXE E Cig Starter Kit Contains:

2 Hydro Imperial batteries
1 e cigarette case to keep 1 battery, 1 USB charger, and 2 cartridges
10 e liquid cartridges, each the 18 mg nicotine strength
1 wall charger
1 cigarette lighter adapter for use in an auto.
The LXE Kit is defiantly one of the best e cig starter kits on the market today, and the Hydro Imperial battery is a solid performer. It provides a simple decision without all the confusing options of sizes, colors, and styles. You can also choose a small electronic cigarette starter kit in regular or menthol (Hydro Imperial Kit), or even a starter kit designed just for women (“W” Kit) identified by the pink logos and lettering.

Crown 7 is one of the top picks for any smoker looking for a cigarette sized e cig that is full of power and flavor. At a starting price point of $29.99 and the option of refilling your cartridges with their e liquid, you won’t be disappointed.


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Author: Chiaramonte Presswood

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