Personal Vaporizers

Personal Vaporizer Header 1280x400A Personal vaporizer is the most powerful electronic cigarette you can buy. They are bulky, they are long, and they are vapor making machines. A Personal vaporizer (PV), otherwise known as a MOD is ideal for heavy smokers or any vaper that would like the extra power and battery life; however, they are not typically used by novice electronic cigarette users. If you are can effectively manage an eGo twist, you will probably have no difficulties with a MOD or a bigger PV.

These devices will have almost twice the output as a standard rechargeable e-cigarette and will outperform the best eGo. Most, but not all PV models allow users to adjust the output to the heating element, check battery power level, and read the coil resistance in real-time (rated in ohms). Other PVs are just set to a high voltage and do not have any user interface nor adjustments to mess with, but most of these models can be identified by its larger size and girth.

The variable voltage models typically output voltages that range between 3.0 volts and may be increased by .1-volt increments all the way up to a maximum of 6.0 volts. The lower the voltage, the less the battery output will be. This has a direct impact on heating element temperature, but also depends largely on the atomizers resistance rating.

Atomizers are available in various resistances that are referred to as either “low-resistance” (“LR”) or “high-resistance” (“HR”). The lower the resistance level the higher the heating element temp will be. For instance, an LR cartomizer burns hotter at 3 volts than an HR cartomizer set to the same voltage level. By adjusting the output and the resistance on the cartomizers, you can find the best combination of voltage and atomizer temperature, thereby changing the taste of any e-liquid to your preference.

You can increase the flavor and throat hit by using different voltage outputs. For example, one of my favorite e-liquids tastes best to me at when I vape it at 5.0 volts on a LR cartomizer. If I use the same e-liquid in a smaller rechargeable e-cigarette (usually 3.2 volts), the flavor is weak and airy and does not satisfy me at all.

Having more power and a LR atomizer does have it’s disadvantages however. When you use a LR atomizer on a vaporizer, you may notice an enhanced level of sensitivity to burning your heating element and/or e-liquid. Your best bet is to start with an atomizer that is rated between 2.0 ohms and 2.5 ohms, this is a reasonable mid range and allows you to determine the best combination of voltage and resistance without burning your heating element out.

When looking for the best bang for your buck, you should look for a device that is made with high quality parts and with a solid build. They are all rechargeable, and some have removable batteries while others have built-in batteries. It is all personal preference of the size and weight. Whatever you decide, make sure you have plenty of atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, or tankomizers as most vaporizers will be compatible with any of them. Just make sure the threading of your tanks is the same as the personal vaporizer you choose.

Below are the best and most popular PVs on the market. They differ in almost every aspect, but all are reliable and powerful to give you the best vapor for the dollar. You will not be disappointed with any of these incredible electronic cigarettes.