Squonk Mods 101: The Ultimate Guide to Squonking

using a squonk mod

If you have been exploring the world of vaping for even just a little while, you have probably already started diving a bit deeper, trying out different mods and RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers).

For many vapers, the RDA is the gateway to true vaping, as it allows each vaper to have a more individualized and customized vaping experience. You can choose (or make) your own coil, vape your own wick, change out juice flavors much more frequently, and generally create the vaping experience that you want most.

Well, if RDAs open the gateway, squonking delivers you to the heart of vaping Nirvana. If you have acquired some experience with RDAs and are starting to feel comfortable and confident with building and understanding wattage, voltage, and resistance, then squonking is the next step for you.

What is Squonking?

So using an RDA allows you to use different coils, and you can wick it up and change out your wicks anytime you feel like switching your juice up. It’s great, right? Just open it up, and drip your juice whenever you want/need more, and the ability to change up your juice flavor is fantastic.

But what many vapers started finding irritating was: 1) how frequently they had to open up their RDA just to drip more liquid, interrupting perfectly relaxing vape sessions and 2) how messy dripping could sometimes be, which is definitely inconvenient when you’re out and about.squonking 101

Well, Squonking solves those problems.

Simply put, squonking is a way of getting juice into your RDA without constantly having to open it up and drip your wick by hand. Another name for squonking is bottom feeding.

Essentially, it is a vape mod that holds an e-juice tank in it and allows you to squeeze the tank and send juice directly into your atomizer whenever you need.

The first ever squonk mod was developed in 2009 by a member of the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF), who dubbed his creation as the “JuiceBox.” However, it wasn’t really until 2010 that the first really successful squonk mod was made that would set the standard for those that came after.

How Does it Work?

Squonk mods have extra space for a juice bottle or tank. A tube connects to the tank and runs up into the RDA to the wick through a hole in the RDA. The mod is built with an exterior hole so that you can easily apply pressure to the juice tank, which squeezes the juice up the tube and into the RDA.

Squonking has gained notice and popularity over the last few years; so of course, there are now quite a few coil vape manufacturers who make squonking mods and even full squonking kits, so you now have the benefits of quite a variety of options. But the premise is generally the same for all of them.

Equipment Required

One thing to bear in mind about this convenient option, though, is that it does require some specialized equipment. You can’t just squonk with any old RDA, or mod, obviously.

As far as mods go, as mentioned above, there are now many options for squonk mods. You can find both regulated and unregulated/mechanical mods that are constructed for squonking, as well as mods that allow for variable wattage and temp control, and more flexibility for varying sizes of atomizers.

So, whether you prefer regulated mods or mechanical mods, you’ll be able to find a squonk mod that fits your preferences as well as your level.

Besides the obvious need for a squonk-specific mod, you will also need an RDA that is meant for squonking. For an RDA to be compatible for squonking, it needs a hole/holes for the juice to come up through, as well as a drain for the excess juice to flow back into the juice tank.

What’s the Big Deal?

If it isn’t already apparent, there are a couple of reasons why squonking has taken off:

  1. Less mess: since you aren’t having to carry a bottle around loose, and constantly open it up, as well as your atomizer, to drip your juice on your wick, things are much tidier.You won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your juice, or about the residual juice on the bottle, your fingers, and your mod after you’ve finished (which could get on your clothes or whatever else you touch).
  2. Far more convenient: instead of having tote around your bottle (in a pocket, a bag, or wherever…), you can keep your juice inside your mod. That’s convenience number one.Number two, instead of having to stop in the middle of a vape session to open up your atomizer, pull out and drip your juice, seal it back up, then wipe up the excess juice that go everywhere before getting back at it, you simply squeeze your juice tank through the squonk hole and you’re good to go. One hand and a split second is all you need.

No delays, no mess, no inconvenience. Why wouldn’t you prefer that option?

Now, of course, there are some cons to this:

  1. You do have to purchase a separate mod just for squonking and make sure you have a compatible RDA for it.
  2. Squonking mods have traditionally been fairly expensive. However, this is starting to change as its popularity increases and companies are starting to make some pretty sweet and pretty affordable squonk mods.
  3. As with many things in the vape world, if you don’t understand how wattages, builds, voltage, resistance, etc. you could do some damage. If you’re brand new to vaping, you might hold off on this, or make sure you get an entire kit instead of assembling it yourself.

Squonk On

Squonking is gaining ground, and we’re pretty sure that once you try it, you’ll probably never want to turn back. Lots of vapers love keeping at least a couple of squonk mods in their repertoire.

As mentioned above, there are tons of mods to choose from, from basic and lower end, to expert level and unique craftsmanship (aka higher end). If you’re looking into some of the higher end quality squonk mods, do bear in mind that you may actually have to go on a waitlist to get one (they’re that popular)!

If you’re looking for a good place to start, Kangertech Dripbox has a great starter kit which includes both the squonk mod and a squonk RDA starter kit for a very reasonable price.

If you’re a vape expert and know your stuff, you can go for more advanced mods that allow for temperature and wattage control as well.

Anymore, the sky’s the limit. So get out there and squonk on!

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