Understanding How Sub-Ohm Vaping Works

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Out of the Fog: Understanding How Sub-Ohm Vaping Works

Cigarette smoking accounts for 1 in every 5 deaths in the US, making it the leading cause of preventable disease. A truly deadly habit, smoking is not only still done by millions but, especially if someone has smoked for a long period of time, can be extremely difficult to give up.

But in recent years, vaping using e-cigarettes has significantly increased in popularity. Whether it’s to help give up smoking or simply done for recreational or social reasons, it’s estimated more than 9 million American adults vape on a regular basis.

This increase in vaping has resulted in a dedicated vape culture, with some different types of vaping those not ‘in-the-know’ would perhaps be unaware of. Sub-ohm vaping is an activity many dedicated vapers are engaging in as, due to its mechanics which we’ll discuss in a moment, billowy clouds can be produced which has turned it into somewhat of a competitive sport. However, Sub-ohm vaping isn’t to be taken lightly and if you’re considering it, it’s important you know the facts.

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What actually is Sub-ohm vaping?

As mentioned, Sub-ohm vaping has quickly become a major trend in vape culture in which large clouds of vapor can be produced by the user. Those who engage in sub-ohm vaping often refer to themselves as ‘cloud chasers’.

Due to the sheer size of clouds that can be produced with this type of vaping, sub-ohming has become a worldwide activity where cloud chasers from around the globe will gather (either in person or online) to compete and see who can produce the thickest and biggest vapor clouds.

As you’ve probably guessed, Sub-ohm vaping can’t be achieved using a regular e-cigarette; an atomizer with a coil resistance of below 1.0 ohm must be used. This is because the lower its resistance, the thicker the wire or coil will be, producing a greater surface area which allows a much larger amount of air flow.

Tanks used for Sub-ohm vaping therefore have a higher vapor production than regular e-cigarettes simply because they get hotter and vaporize quicker. The combination of higher vapor production and air flow is what allows the user to produce huge and billowy clouds of vapor.

Pros of Sub-Ohm vaping

No one would engage in Sub-ohm vaping if it didn’t have some sort of benefit or fun-factor for them. So, if you want to know exactly what you can get out of this type of vaping, here are some key benefits:

Better flavor –The flavor is much stronger and richer as the increased heat of the tank will turn much more of the flavored liquid into vapor than a normal e-cigarette would be able to achieve.

More fun – For cloud chasers, seeing huge clouds of vapor coming out of their mouth and nostrils is guaranteed to be a completely different sensation to anything else experience before. Skilled Sub-ohmers can even manipulate the clouds into different shapes and patterns which, as long as it’s done safely, is fun for both the user and those watching.

Warmer – Simply because the tank and coil is hotter than a regular e-cigarette, the vapor produced will feel much warmer which is a huge advantage for vapers who enjoy the sensation of warm vapor.

Cons of Sub-ohm vaping

If Sub-ohm vaping was 100% safe and beneficial then everyone would do it. This type of vaping can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so it’s vital to fully understand the risks involved before you try it.

Higher risk – Sub-ohm vaping puts considerable strain on your batteries meaning that, if they’re pushed too hard, they can become a fire hazard or even explode. So it’s vital you avoid cheap batteries at all costs to ensure you’re using the best equipment possible. For reliable Sub-ohm vaping equipment to get started with, buy Kangertech vapes for a safe experience.

Expensive – As Sub-ohm vaping requires advanced technology, the gear required can be more than twice the cost of regular e-cigarettes and tanks.

Unwanted hit – For Sub-ohm newbies, the sudden throat and lung hit can be overwhelming. Experienced cloud chasers may enjoy it but, if you’re just starting out, it’s important to be aware of what the massive vapor production can cause.

Whilst Sub-ohm vaping is generally considered a fun and trendy activity to be a part of, it can have some significant dangers if not done properly. Hopefully, this quick guide has given you an idea of both the pros and cons of this activity, meaning you’re able to make a better-educated decision about whether Sub-ohm vaping is for you.

Alicia Lucas discovered vaping at Dubai airport during a business trip. She was fascinated by the simplicity and she used vaping to move off of cigarette smoking. She enjoys sharing her insights online.

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